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The Baltimore English Dart League is a steel-tip dart league in the Baltimore, MD area. We have 2 seasons during the year and we are always looking for new teams/bars to add to the league.

New Changes and old Reminders9/7/2016
  • On schedules they will be showing when your two payments are due. First payment by week 8, atleast half of your teams total is due. Final payment week 16, your team total must be paid off. Because of less number of teams, I am going to raise the dues per team from $320 a season to $350 per season. The reason for this change is to try and keep everything the same (party, food, trophys, luck, and music). But I am going to STOP bar fees and membership fees.
  • Also on schedules will be the dates for shootoffs and party plus where both are being held that season. Also dates when there will be NO DARTS. Unless both captains want to do a make-up.
  • Shooters must shoot atleast 5 weeks during the regular season to come to party as a member and shoot in luck. If not they will have to pay as quest.
  • Shootoffs only - loser of 1st game has option on cork shot. Winner of cork shot goes first in 2nd game cricket. (NO MUGS AWAY). If 3rd game cork call game. Final in shootoffs, when person from losers bracket vs person from winners bracket, ONE game ONLY 1st cork calls game. If winner wins its over. If loser wins than 2 out of 3 games for final.
  • Trophys for shootoffs 5 of less people showing up 1st place only, 6 to 10 people 1st and 2nd and over 10 people top 3 places.
  • What division your personal points are listed is where you are ranked. And what shootoffs you will be shooting in.

Division 1
  • John D
  • Mike Lantz
  • Mike Lagana
  • Daryl
  • Dre
  • Dave B
  • Lee B
  • Nick C
  • Dean H
  • Bill K
  • Darby
  • Kelli
  • Ho
  • George
  • Howard L
  • Fred
  • Chuck D
Division 2
  • Donna L (HC)
  • Tina (HC)
  • Mel (HC)
  • Mike Jones
  • Kim (HC)
  • Heather (HC)
  • Charlie
  • John M
  • Kristina (HC)
  • Bill B
  • Dana
  • Dan N
  • Jeff B
  • Nick H
  • Tie Die
  • M Fuller
  • Chris K
  • Mike W
  • Clay P
  • Division 1 - No Handy Cap
  • Division 2 - No Handy Cap against each other. Ones with (HC) next to name against division 1 shooters don't double in, 2X's in cricket.


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