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The Baltimore English Dart League is a steel-tip dart league in the Baltimore, MD area. We have 2 seasons during the year and we are always looking for new teams/bars to add to the league.

End of Season Stuff7/27/2015
Remember this week is a makeup for the week missed because of riots.

Next week is the shot-offs (Aug 6th). Division 1 shot-offs at Tropic Thunder, Division 2 at Brewers and Division 3 at Angle Inn.

Party is still Aug 15th, 1 - 5 pm at Tropic Thunder.

Schedule Changes7/9/2015
In order to makeup week 8 that was missed because of the riots we will be shooting week 21 on 7/30. The schedule for week 21 is the same as week 8 was and it is up on the schedule page of the website. Also, this means the shootoffs will need to be moved to 8/6/15. The party is still on 8/15/15.


New Changes and old Reminders3/12/2015
  • On schedules they will be showing when your two payments are due. First payment by week 8, atleast half of your teams total is due. Final payment week 16, your team total must be paid off. Weekly dues are $16.00 per team for 20 weeks total $320.00 a season. A $5.00 membership fee per shooter, unless you are a life time member. And a $20.00 bar fee for team or teams shooting each season.
  • Both captains make sure that you go over score sheets at the end of the night ot make sure scores and personal points are correct.
  • NEW - Home teams you must put scores and personal points for both teams online at our website by midnight Sunday after match. You should elect someone on your team to do this who will have scores in on time, or lose 1 team point. There will also be a space to put anyone who hits a trophy shot, ton80, 6 corks, high in or out shot and high mark out. (No 9marks shot that is just 3 trips not a trophy shot).
  • Shooters must shoot at least 5 weeks during the regular season to come to the party as a member and shoot in the luck. If not they will have to pay as a guest.
  • What division your personal points are listed is where you are ranked. And what shootoffs you will be shooting in.
  • If you think time will be an issue you can start early.
  • At the party guests cannot be covered by taking the place of someone not showing up on your team.
  • NEW-Captains please note new rule. No Bust Rule- This rule shall apply to all singles 01 matches in all divisions in the league. After both players in a singles 01 set have been on a DOUBLE ONE for 5 rounds, the "no bust rule" goes into effect. This means that all three darts may be thrown at "double one" regardless of the result of the previously thrown darts in that turn. Both players continue to throw all three darts in each turn until one of them hits the "double one".
  • There are 2 divisions this season. But shooters personal points, handy caps and shootoffs will be divided into three divisions. Here is the list of shooters in their divisions.
  • The party for this season will be at Tropic Thunder. Before you call me with comments about it, there will be 4 boards.
  • I am thinking right now that all Fall partys will be at Brewer's and Spring parties will be altered between Angle and Tropic Thunder.

Tier 1
  • Chuck D (sub)
  • Dre (sub)
  • Lee L
  • Mike Lantz
  • Lee Burgess
  • Larry C (sub)
  • John D
  • Dave B
  • Nick C
  • Bob L
  • Darby
  • Bill K
  • Dean H
  • Daryl J
  • Scott C
  • Ho
Tier 2
  • Travis
  • Kevin
  • James H
  • George
  • Kelli
  • Tie Die
  • Bill B
  • Dana
  • Fred J
  • Steve H
  • Thornie
  • Chris K
  • Dan N
  • M Webster
  • Greg O
  • Jimmy O
  • Larry L
  • Mike F
Tier 3
  • Kim
  • Mel
  • Heather
  • Donna
  • Tina
  • John M
  • Charlie
  • Clint
  • Nick J
  • Lenny
  • Kate
  • Mike J
  • Bob R
  • Division 1 - No Handy Cap
  • Division 2 - No Handy Cap
  • Division 3 - No Handy Cap against div 2 shooters. Against div 1 shooters don't double in. 2X's in cricket.


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