The Baltimore English Dart League is a steel-tip dart league in the Baltimore, MD area. We have 2 seasons during the year and we are always looking for new teams/bars to add to the league.

We have been viewing the responses to our posted poll regarding the rescheduling of our party and had not yet made a final decision however, it appears that Mayor Jack Young made it for us. Due to the recent announcement and the re-closure of indoor dining at establishments beginning tomorrow 7/24 at 5pm in Baltimore City, we WILL NOT be able to have our party on September 5th. We will continue to review options and monitor the COVID-19 situation and will post any updates as we have them. Please everyone remain safe and healthy, we hope to see everyone soon.

We are considering having the party we originally had scheduled in March on 9/5 at Angle Inn (as long as everything continues to remain stable in our area) but before making a final decision, we want to hear from our members. We will be making some changes to how things are normally set up such as adding stanchions on the other side of the bar to allow proper space for social distancing as well ask people to wear masks where necessary. Please send comments and concerns to Donna at

Well folks this should not come as a huge shock but we will have to POSTPONE our dart party scheduled for this Saturday 3/21. Brewers Landing along with all other restaurants are being forced to close at 5pm today until further notice. We will of course keep everyone informed when we are able to provide a new date for the party. Everyone please stay safe and well and hopefully this all will pass sooner rather than later.

The playoff schedule is now on the schedule page listed as weeks 19, 20 and 21.

End of Season
Hey there everyone, since we are getting to the end of our regular season play (2/06/20) I wanted to put out the playoff schedule so that everyone will be ready. I can't list location of matches yet since that is determined based on higher seed team, I will update with bar names following our last week of regular play. We will have one week (02/13/20) for any make up matches to be played, PLEASE try to get your matches made up so we can support the bars that support us throughout the season.

Playoffs Week One 2/20/2020:
Div 1: Seed 1vs3, Seed 2 BYE
Div 2: Seed 1vs6, Seed 2vs5, Seed 3vs4

Playoffs Week Two 2/27/2020:
Div 1: Seed 1vs2, Seed 3 BYE
Div 2: Seed 1vs5, Seed 2vs4, Seed 3vs6

Playoffs Week Three 3/05/2020:
Div 1: Seed 2vs3, Seed 1 BYE
Div 2: Seed 1vs4, Seed 2vs6, Seed 3vs5

Shootoff's will be on 3/12/2020, location schedule to follow. Remember our party will be at Brewers Landing on 3/21/20

Stats Updated
Stats have been updated, all subs have been accounted for (THANKS!) and per a request from the board the stats are now broken into 4 divisions so the divisions match how awards are given out.

New Season
Okay folks, first I have I apologize that the schedule is so late getting out but we are set and ready to go tomorrow night.........FINALLY !!! Thank you everyone for your patience. Below is the schedule just for tomorrow night, we are working on making a pretty copy that I will print for everyone and post when it is completed. Please bring your folders from last season with blank score sheets to use until I can get your new one to you.

September 19th

Dragons @ Loose Cannons
Demolition Crew @ Hot Chocolate & The Marshmallows
Orifice of Evil @ The Darby's
What Had Happened Was @ TNT
Jay's All the Way @ BYE

Existing players rankings will be the same to start and a review of statistics will be done in a couple of weeks to adjust accordingly. New players have been assigned a ranking based on input and knowledge of those that know them. I will post a copy of the roster showing rankings separately.

Donna L.

Edit: Full season schedule is on the site and all of the rankings are on the roster page.
Okay the playoff schedule is completed after the tireless efforts of Jimmy Conrad putting in the make up games and matches that had to be forfeit. The seeding schedule and location is based on the end of regular season play and in the case of the tie in Division 1, we default to total win percentage and the team with the higher percentage takes 3rd in the seeding. Remember, home team is listed first, please note that on 8/1 the Division 2 match for TNT vs. HC&TM will have to be played at Brewers but TNT will still be home team. Everyone shoot well and have fun !!!!!

@ Legion: WHHW vs. Dragons
@ Legion: TNT vs. The Darby's ****
***** TNT will have to forfeit 7/18, team will be out of town.
@ Brewers: Loose Cannons vs. Kilt Crew
@ Brewers: HC&TM vs. Orifice of Evil

@ Legion: WHHW vs. Kilt Crew
@ Legion: TNT vs. Orifice of Evil
@ Brewers: Loose Cannons vs. Dragons
@ Brewers: HC&TM vs. The Darby's

@ Legion: WHHW vs. Loose Cannons
@ Legion: Kilt Crew vs. Dragons
@ Brewers: TNT vs. HC&TM
@ Angle Inn: Orifice of Evil vs. The Darby's

Brewers will be closed this Thursday for renovations so we needed to move the matches being played there so please see below:

HC&M will shoot at LEGION against WHHW, HC&M will be HOME team.

LOOSE CANNONS will shoot at ANGLE against THE DARBY'S, LOOSE CANNONS will be HOME team.

In the event that the renovations are not completed and matches for the 4/25 need to be moved, I will post details next week. Please let me know if you have any questions.

League Meeting/New Season Sign-ups

We will hold a general league meeting on next Thursday 3/21/18 at Brewers Landing which will cover all necessary league business including elections for both President and Treasurer followed by a luck of the draw. Meeting will start at 7:30 with luck following immediately after.

The bar is adding money to the pot and the league will also contribute $50 if we have 16 people or more. Both current officers are running for re-election but if anyone is interested in running for either position, please send your information and desired position via private message or to my email address; by Tuesday 3/19 so ballots can be made up.

Okay everyone, sorry I meant to post this Friday but I forgot. Shootoff's are this Thursday 2/7, please be there by 7:30 so that shooting can begin at 8:00pm. The locations are as follows:

Division 1: Angle Inn
Division 2: Brewers Landing
Division 3: Legion

If you would like to shoot up a division, you can do so but you will NOT be given a handicap. Have fun everyone and shoot well.
Okay gang, mark your calendars our Fall 2018 Season Dart Party will be held on February 23rd at The Legion. More details to follow but wanted to make sure everyone could SAVE THE DATE !!!!!

New Season Info
Hello folks........schedule is up and posted to our website and league starts back up tomorrow night. The updated handicap information is already posted and we are in the process of updating other documents such as bylaws and league rules. start time this season is 7:30pm per majority vote at our last league meeting. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the board members.

Looking forward to another fun season, shoot well everyone !!!!

New Season Info
New season information is up on the website. The handicap system has changed a good bit, we have spread the handicap levels so more people are rank 4 and 5 and we reduced the amount of handicap between ranks. These changes mean many players rankings have changed and the handicap between rankings have changed please look on the roster page for your new rank. Please check out the handicap rules on the site (Documents > Handicap Rules).

League Meeting
Hello all, wanted to confirm our meeting scheduled for this Thursday 8/16 being held at Brewers Landing at 7:30pm. The purpose of the meeting is to take sign ups for our next season as well as confirm a starting date. We will also go over league business old and new so please come out and join us. At the completion of the meeting we will hold a LOD if we have enough interested. The league will be adding $50 to the pot if we have at least 16 members in attendance and the bar will also be kicking in money so we hope to see you there !!!

End of Season
I have ended the end of season round robin schedule to the site. The standard schedule page shows the home teams but it DOESN'T show which bar you are shooting at since the home team bar might not have room that night so please look at the round robin schedule at the bottom of the page.

League Meeting
REMINDER: Dart league meeting is this Thursday 3/8 at Brewers Landing at 7:30pm. We will have team roster sheets for you to complete, if you are looking for players please send a message to let me know so we can get you in touch with those interested in getting on a team.

We will hold a luck after them completion of the meeting and the league will add $50 if we have a minimum of 16 people in attendance. The bar will also be adding money to the pot so come one, come all. Looking forward to seeing everyone Thursday night !!!!!

End of Season Meeting
The board would like to have a meeting after our dart party and before the next season so that everyone has a chance to tell us what they thought worked and things they would like to maybe see changed. Bring us your ideas to make improvements, only as a group working together can we continue to grow this league.

The meeting will be held at Brewers on either Thursday 3/1 or 3/8, we will go with majority rules in picking the date. We will hold a luck after the meeting with the bar adding to the pot. If we have at least 16 members in attendance, the league will also add $50 to the payout.

Please comment below with date preference, I will also have a sheet at the party where you can let us know if you have a particular preference for the date. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the party !!!

End of Season
Stats are done for the season, let me know if you see something wrong. Remember shooters on division 2 teams got an average for the week they didn't shoot in the end of season round robin.

New Season!
New season starts this Thursday 9/14/2017!

With the new season we have a new website, new by-laws and some new rules. If you find a problem with the website please let Jimmy know ASAP, this is still a bit of a work in progress so some things will not work correctly. Also the new handicap rules and player ranks are now available under the documents section. Please review since there have been alot of changes to the handicap rules for this season.

Interested in Joining?
Click here to inquire about joining the league.